Two friends, a passion for waffles and a dream...

Working together as teachers for years, Stephanie and Kim have also shared a passion for the food industry.  Both avid skiiers, they longed to recreate the unique Liege-style waffles sold on the slopes.  After testing and modifying several recipes they created the best Liege waffle they had ever tasted.  And what pairs better with this sumptuous, buttery, carmelized creation? A crisp, fresh bellini of course.  Thus, Batter and Bubbles was born.  Batter and Bubbles strives to serve top quality authentic Liege waffles and handcrafted bellinis using only the finest ingredients.  Catering is available off-site at your location. While planning your event, you can choose any of our unique and seasonal menu items, or work with our chef to design your own signature combination!

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Eat a waffle.  You can't be sad if you eat a waffle!